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Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Posted on 06 February 2012 by admin

Fremont Street In Las Vegas Is Not Just A Street But Also A Destination

There is no other destination quite like Fremont Street in Las Vegas. While the Las Vegas Strip is glitzy, Fremont takes it a step farther. The area, called the Glitter Gulch started the one of kind gambling city. When casinos on the strip started offering free attractions and headline stars, it became the new entertainment venue in the city.

In an effort to preserve the real birthplace of glamour, visionaries in the nineties created the fabulous LED light canopy. Leaders shut the avenue off to motor traffic and created a pedestrian mall in its place. A canopy running the length of the mall and towering 90 feet high produces light shows using over 12 million LED lights choreographed to music.

A variety of free shows starts at dusk and run at intervals through out the evening. Free live music plays up and down the pedestrian mall. Many people choose to gamble and stay near the area so they can watch all the shows performed. Plaza hotel sits at one end of the mall and Neonopolis Shopping Mall sits at the other end with plenty of entertainment between the two.

Dances, festivals and special entertainment events take place through out the year. Small souvenir shops, food stalls, eclectic bars and casinos dot both sides of the road. Even if you find the attraction a little too tame for your adventurous spirit, you are not out of luck. Among the newest additions to the destination is a zip line.

It soars beneath the canopy running 800 feet and you can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Another favorite in the area are photographers that take your picture with people dressed up as celebrities and stars. No other city has a destination quite like the glimmering avenue, so include it in your list of things to see.

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